I am work in my seo site do all seo techniq is use but not in google index page.

Hello Harish,

Google takes time to index a website. Google needs your website URLs in sitemap for the indexing. If you don't create a sitemap, create sitemap first after those submit sitemap to google webmaster tools. After that submit your URL into search engine (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url) this will helps to index your website fast.

Share your new website link in different trusted sources, bookmark it. Once you do these all defiantly your site will be index within 24 hours.

Hope this will help you.


Would like to know more details about website.

check using

**site:yourwebsitename** on Google

there you can find, is your website indexed or not. xD

Kind Regards

It actually take some time to index any site. But you can also try pinging and search engine submissions for quick indexing.

Usually, Google bots, robots/spiders takes time to crawl/cache a webpage/website. If you want to make an immediate indexing, do search engine submission.

First finish optimizing your sites Meta tag, Meta description, head tag, image and content and then social bookmark your site and go to pingler.com and ping it. This will make your site to index faster.

Initially, you need to create xml sitemap foryour website and submit that to google webmaster tool after that,you need to do on page seo to your website which means, adding of title, meta description and meta keywords to your website.By,doing all these things, your website will be get indexed in the search eninge soon.

At First You tell me What are using CMS and have you created Site map For your website?

You can creat sitmap and submit in Google.
Also go for bookmarkng the page and ping submission and search engine submission

You can check whether the site got indexed in google or not by also using info operator
info: yourwebsitename

First of all you have to check your website indexing, then create site map and then submit it to your google webmaster tools, about 24 to 36 hours your site will be index.

submit sitemap to google webmaster and check your robots.txt file also it may be blocking your website to get indexed.

Pinging will help your site to be indexed faster.

Did you get your website indexed? If not, I know how you can get it done.

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