The look of the Google search results totally just changed for me. It now has a grey bar across the top and the left navbar has a background hover.

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Yeah, it seems to be an international change.
They changed the bar to this layout a while ago already, but it was white. Also they seem to have forgotten to change this on gmail, and the dropdown buttons ("more", and your name and settings if you're signed in) also turn white onclick, which seems strange to me.
The left bar is also a bit inconsistent, as "Everything" just turns bold when active, the others get a background. (Also, why do we need 2 menus to choose if we want everything/the web, images, et cetera?) They also changed the layout on mobile, but totally different from the desktop layout (still all white, with google chrome-like tabs).
Good that they try to change their layout to something better, but they're not there yet in my opinion.

Now they've changed the colors in the sidebar, too :)
I think it's actually quite nice.

By the way, Google Translate really looks messy now. As for Calendar, there's a page on the layout changes here.

Google is always making cool changes. Its hard to find a company that changes more! Thanks for the heads up Dani!

Hi, yeah totally changed. i like this Google view looks cool.

Looks very nice now. I really like the way it shows the results. I think they are more accurate to the keyword searched.

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