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I have a website with .me extension. I would like to do SEO for the website. My client has given 3 keywords indicating country name in the keywords. I have checked the competion for the 3 keywords and found out that the competition is high for 2 keywords, like. 1.2 crores search results on google.co.in.Also, the search volume for the first keyword (1900-monthly searches) for the second keyword is (10-monthly searches). Both are indicated as high in google keyword palnner. The third keyword has no search volume and the google search results are around 11 lakhs.
I doubt whether if i start the SEO, process will i be able top rank On SERP's. Also, I would like to replace the country name in the keyword with the client city's location so that even though competion is high for city, i may rank in shorter duration.
I request all friends to suggest whether i should go for national campaign or local campaign or hybrid campaign for the keywords given.
Further, i would like to know if I rank keywords by using local SEO campaign, will i get the target audience all over the nation or will i get only from the city specified in the keyword. which is better to start with local SEO then national SEO or the otherway round.

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for a High Competitive Keywords, First Focus on Local SEO. getting Results on Google 7 Box is tough but we can Rank Soon. once you ranked on LOcal you may Target National Level SEO. once you get the visitors your site will Rank Soon.

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Your client already gave you the keyword list with targeted countries. Say he asked you to rank in .com.au, .co.uk and .co.in

These are local right? He doesn't want you to rank in Google.com so start getting backlinks from .com.au, .co.uk and .co.in websites, blogs, forums, directories and other sources.

Keywords are irrelevant. There are no "competitive" keywords, the magic word is 'bullshit'
Do not buy backlinks, link farms are SEsuicide.
1 link from a relevant site is better than thousands from BSfarms
SE index content, entire content.
Keywords may downgrade, if they do not match content as determined by SEbots
Content: accurate, original, semantic, attributed content(1); is King

Three simple rules
1. get google webmaster tools account
2. follow personalised instructions from google webmaster tools
3. ignore all opinions of anyone who is not google

Google webmaster tools includes geotargetting rules
Google webmaster tools includes keyword matching to content, they will tell you if your chosen keywords hinder or help

Just follow the instructions

(1)attributed, when you quote something, link to the source

These are the two steps. Local SEO is primary and the national SEO is secondary. firstly you need to focused on local SEO then national SEO.


Actually, the need of long tail and short tail SEO will vary from your business, products and services. So, when going for SE Optimization process, you need to consider all its postitves and negatives.

First you expand your business locally then automatically you'll be recognised world wide.

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