We want to rank mododivita.com for this keyword : Italian Furniture Store. Currently bedroom page is ranked for that keyword. How can we replace the old one with the new one? We don't want to get visitors with "Italian Furniture Store" on our bedroom page. We want them to land on our main domain. What strategy should we follow?

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In order to change the landing page, you need to add new contents on the home page with the inclusion of targeted keywords. Also update the meta title, description, page title (H1), alt tags and meta keyword tags with targeted keywords. And remove the targeting keywords from bedroom page, if found necessarily.

Google and other search engines usually picks the landing page based on its suitability, so try to make the home page more suitable for it.


Google now majorly focusing on quality contents and quality links. All SEO peoples should know this. After Humming bird update, Google has started given priority to website pages rather than home domain in which page contain an exact information about the query asked by the users. Hope you understand what I'm going to advise you.

Yes, If you need your home page to get indexed in Google's SERP snippet then you should add more unique content to your home page that must have your keyword and keyword related information and also in your title, description and body content too. Remember your keyword is less than 2 to 3% keyword density. This is identical way to get what kind of page appears in SERP's snippet.
Hope this helps.

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