Because the organization is changing name following a merger, the websites of both legacy organizations will need to be consolidated into one without losing the prior seo of each original web pages. I understand that I will need to use redirections and modifications in the DNS, but apart from that, I do not even know how to start planning the migration.

Can someone help me understand what I will need to do and plan? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Thank you so much for the guidance, I really appreciate it!

Welcome Otir, Hope a beautiful journey for your success.

If you want to merge the 2 sites in 1, you should:
1) Make also a consistent structure for them. I mean that the hierarchy of sections and subsections should be sustained.
2) Make the per page redirects, It means if you have the page on the old site, you should set the 301 redirect into the new one.
3) Close the indexation for the old site in robots.txt. Also, remember that you shouldn`t delete the pages of the old site from index as a there weight of the pages should transfer from the old to new pages in 2-3 months.
4) Create the sitemap for new domain.

Thank you Victoria for the plan. This will help me understand better all that I have to do.
I need to learn a lot about all this. I am a bit intimidated, and it is very helpful to have these indications to start working with a good method. Thank you!

If you have laso any questions - you're welcome. Also, I'd like to dee here the results of migration of the site to the new domain, as here are a lot of users that have the same problem and your results will help them to see the whole state of affairs from the start))

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