Suddenly my website's users have decreased a lot. I work with a food and drinks website. Every month I give a total report to my client along with update of website visitors. But since last June my user has decreased a lot. This is the continuation, gradually the visitors are decreasing. However, I do local SEO, so there is no need for other country users. But since I have been reporting there were a lot of users from foreign countries.

I tried to extract all the data from google analytics but can't find the reason. When there were more users, direct search and users from other countries were more. And I did not work on the page which had more visitors. Many users used to visit one page of financial page. But now the visitors have gradually decreased of this page. Now the organic search is more and the pages I work with have more visitors.

But my client wants to know why the visitor has decreased, I can not find the reason. My client has a backlink on that financial page that they provide for their stock market work. But there are more local users.

Please give me a solution.


Hello! I'm sorry you're dealing with the frustrating experience of watching traffic just slowly decline, week after week, month after month, with no idea what to do to stop the downward trend. I've been there! I get it.

From what I understand of what you're saying though, the number of relevant visitors to the local business have remained consistent, and it's traffic from foreign countries that decreased. If that's the case, it would make sense that Google would figure out that the business only caters to local customers, and stop sending irrelevant traffic. Also, isn't that beneficial for your client to not have to pay for higher hosting costs for visitors that are never going to purchase anything?

Outside of Google Analytics, do you use Google Search Console?

It's hard to provide more information without actually seeing your Google Analytics or Google Search Console reports. Can you provide screenshots?

It seems like the drop in international users and the decline in traffic to the financial page might be linked to changes in Google's algorithms or user behavior. To address your client's concerns, consider conducting a thorough SEO audit to identify any potential technical or content issues affecting your website's visibility and user engagement.

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There are a few potential reasons why site visitors may be down. First, check your analytics to see if there was a change in traffic from key referral sources like search engines. An algorithm update or drop in organic rankings could impact traffic. Also look at your on-site content - has new page content been published? Stale or low-quality content may not attract or retain readers. Additionally, consider if there were any technical issues like downtime that could have turned visitors away. Finally, monitor industry trends or competitors - are visitors spending more time with alternative resources? A changing competitive landscape might affect traffic patterns. Analyzing all these potential factors can help identify causes and solutions.

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A drop in website visitors can occur for several reasons:

Seasonal Trends: Some websites experience fluctuations in traffic due to seasonal trends or holidays. For example, a gardening website might see more traffic in spring and summer.

Algorithm Changes: Search engines like Google frequently update their algorithms, which can affect how your website ranks in search results. A sudden drop in rankings can lead to decreased traffic.

Technical Issues: Technical problems such as server issues, website downtime, or broken links can deter visitors and harm your site's reputation.

Content Quality: If your content becomes outdated, irrelevant, or of lower quality, it may not attract or retain visitors.

Competition: Increased competition in your niche can lead to a drop in traffic as other websites gain prominence.

Marketing Changes: Alterations in your marketing strategy, such as reduced advertising or social media efforts, can impact visitor numbers.

Algorithmic Penalties: Violations of search engine guidelines can result in penalties that lower your site's visibility and traffic.

Security Concerns: If your website experiences security breaches or issues, users may lose trust and stop visiting.

User Experience: A poor user experience, such as slow page load times, difficult navigation, or non-mobile-friendly design, can discourage visitors.

Changes in User Behavior: Shifting user preferences or habits may lead to changes in where and how they access online content.

To address a drop in visitors, it's essential to identify the specific cause by analyzing website analytics, conducting technical checks, and assessing the quality and relevance of your content. Once you pinpoint the issue, you can develop a targeted strategy to regain and potentially increase your website's traffic.

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