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I am working as SEO Expert from last two years.I would like to as that how can I get online clients for SEO work from home.

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You set up a home-based business and a website to accompany. Being an SEO expert, your website will rank highly when people search for SEO expert and you will get clients. Or am I missing something?

You must be share that information in social media platforms.

I guess you can easily find them on Google. Just google them and discuss about your business.

Getting clients in this competitive market is not easy at all; I am not demotivating you or anything, but this is the reality. You need to have USP; if not, you won’t get a single client despite registering on the best freelance website. These problems are mostly faced by beginners who are just getting started with their freelance careers.

So, how will you create a USP? First of all, you start a new website. Regardless of your SEO experience, you must have a website of your own. Then, try to get them the best ranking possible on Google (aim to rank at the top). This way, a client won’t even think twice before handing over a project to you. I won’t get very much into details about how to rank a website, as I am assuming that you must be aware of it.

Once you achieve a good ranking on Google, don’t wait for clients to come to you. Instead, start pitching your site to potential clients and hunting for projects that you think you have the potential to do.

Also, don’t be greedy in the beginning. Just focus on networking at the start of your career and charge only a genuine amount. Also, never put a full stop to the learning process; SEO is something that keeps on changing continuously. So, keep in check that you are on pace with the latest trends.

Finally, once you establish yourself as an SEO expert, don’t forget about your website. Apart from being a representative for you, the website may also generate revenue in the future.

No client will approach you, you have to pinch them directly.
Find their emails from their website and tell them where they lack and how you can lead their agency to the top.
Share your strategies to urge them.

you have to pinch them directly.

I think you mean you have to pitch them directly ;)

I think there are a lot of people who are actively looking to hire SEO firms for their website, but they either are overwhelmed with the options and don't know where to start, or they are looking for a very specific type of SEO who focuses just on their niche, etc.

I think SEOs have an easier time when they dominate a specific niche. For example, be the SEO firm for law firms, and then every law firm will come to you, or be the SEO firm for sites who suffered Panda penalties, and then everyone with EAT issues will come to you because you will supposedly know more than generic SEOs do about how to cure their issues.

commented: Yes i agree, but bases for SEO remains the same. Even you are doing local seo or SEO, keywords research and all others things would be same. +0

To become successful in the SEO field, you should stay active, reach out to people, speak to your competitors, and clearly state your expertise. Adopt some essential strategies to get online clients for SEO work from home.

  1. Write content that brings traffic to your website. If you are a search engine optimizer, focus on some aspects of SEO, i.e., Google penalty removal, link-building services, or why the ranking of a particular website is dropping.
  2. Many people post on platforms like Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube. Reach out to them and offer your professional SEO help.
  3. When conducting an SEO audit, you may discover issues your clients are clueless about, and this might be the reason the website is not getting ranked. Search and reach your those clients and offer them your SEO services.
  4. Partnering with digital marketing agencies might help you gain online clients and offer them your SEO services.
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