Can anybody tell me how to start search engine optimization for a website with zero page rank step by step.
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Welcome to DaniWeb, ashi! Everyone's gotta start somewhere ... don't concern yourself with pagerank. Instead, focus your time and energy and money into building a killer site that's easy to use and has a great navigation system. Swap links with other sites in the same industry. Build relationships. Post on forums with a link to your site in the signature. Get your name out there.

Start a blog to talk about your website and what it has to offer. At the end of each post provide a link to your website. This will create relevant content for your customers to read as well as begin creating links to your website to help build it up.

I agree with dani. Create easy to use website, easy navigation. Good internal link structure. Check your website for link or other errors. Use SEO friendly urls & pages. Do some keywords research for your business. Do not optimize your website for wrong keywords. Do not force onpage optimization at the start. Get some quality links pointing at your website to be properly indexed.

hello ppl

I've been reading and posting on this site for the past coupple of weeks. What i've been reading quite extensively is about swaping links with other sites. Could any one please explain me what it actually means by Swapping Links.

Thnak in advance

I link to your website if you link to my website.

ok ........ so can i get a link to your website ???

hi you should make the website look as original as possible, write the unique content and onlu then you will get the page rank good luck

Thank You very much

Back links are the back bone for your PR. Try to increase the quality back links from the relevent sites and form the page where only limited no of out bound links comes out.

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