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What don't you understand about their website? The homepage tells you everything about it. Have you contacted them for help?


Hello stymiee,

Thx for the reply.My question is,if i add their coding to my page?the list of articles are publish in my page?

Is't search engine friendly?Or else any chance to ban (my)the site.....

Thanks in advance,


Putting syndicated articles on your website won't get you banned. But it also won't help you much either. The duplicate content will essentially be ignored by Google (and maybe MSN and Yahoo, not sure). So those pages won't get you any new traffic. It may make your visitors think your site is good once you get them there through other means so from that POV it may be worthwhile.

And whether the search engines can see those articles is up in there air. If they use JavaScript to put them on a page then the search engines won't be able to read it. If you put the content directly on to your pages or use a server-side approach they will be able to read it.

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