Recently I had the need to use PPC advertising again.

I noticed I still had money in my old GoClick account, so I created an ad, set the bids around 1-3 cents each and the daily budget to $2.

Within hours I had reached my $2 limit and my ad was offline.

A check of my website logs showed all my "clicks" had been used by porn sites listing me in their directories - not by humans clicking on my ad.

Needless to say, I stopped that campaign straightaway.

I know it's been a while since I've used GoClick, but I'm sure this never used to be the case.

Is this what PPC advertising has deteriorated to, or are there still companies that actually require humans to click on ads, rather than letting robots or "partners" stealing them?

The keywords I want to use are very common and puts the cost of Google Adwords out of the question, so I'd prefer PPC.


Try adwords , they have better click fraud detection mechanism

Try adwords , they have better click fraud detection mechanism

Yes, I have gone back to Adwords. I will see how quickly my daily budget runs

I found a good one, penny a click, great oversight, search affiliates list my links in their pages and I get links, I get traffic that is making me a little cash.

I started with a $25 campaign and still have 20 left, so don't expect tons of traffic for a penny a click. They let you have 1000 keywords, and a whole bunch of sites on one ad campaign.

A referall program, a publisher program all in all good value for the buck.

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