Hi - first of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm new here and this looks like the right place for this!

I have recently finished building a website - the main purpose of which is to see if I can generate a few pennies using google's adsense program. A few days ago, I posted a message on a t.v. website to announce the new site (the site is about Susie Dent - a t.v. personality who is well known enough to have some followers, but not so well known that there is already much about her on the web. To my surprise, presumably as a result of the traffic I gained from that announcement, within about 24 hours I found my site was listed on Google - page 25, which isn't great, but it's a start. The strange thing is though, that after just a few hours, I checked again, and my site was nowhere to be found. Not just further down, but actually putting the whole address into the searchbar said there were no matching results. So, why would a page that was listed on google suddenly disappear, and how long should I expect to wait before it returns? I read an article somewhere that said getting onto Google can take up to six months - but surely that can't be true, as there are new sites popping up all the time that are up-to-date, not six months old! And how can google not know about my site when it has googles own addwords on it?! Seems very odd! Any advice appreciated,



Ric, google updates their page ranks every couple on months. It is possible your rank will improve next time they update.

As for how the system works, it is actually an alogorithm in which they count the amount of back links to your site and also consider the page rank of that back link.

It is not a very efficient process, but it is their process nonetheless. Good luck!

Indeed - apparantly my website's address is an antegooglewhackblatt!

2 months seems like an awful long time to wait to get onto the google index - makes me wonder how web developers have the patience!

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