Google puted a frind of mine in black list becouse he had puted some of its adds in an other site which had been in google black list. I got his adds too in my site couse i havent finishted my site yet. Will this harm me too. I want to aplly to google too when finish it all but i m afried if they will refure me.
Any one has any idea about his.

If i am understanding correctly. Couldnt you sign up for a google account on your own. Then you would have to use your friends ads on your site?

Or maybe you just should put his ads on your site, i dont think it affects iy you could always email the customer support.

I am a little confused by your question, maybe you could explain it a little better. :)

Sorry for not been so clear. The problem is that i got ads by a frind which has been banned now. Will this effect on me when i will apply to google?

Hmm, well i i dont think so. But if you read the terms of service it may be worth leaving your friends ads off your site.

The check your content, and if the banned your friend once before, for whatever reason, they may ban you to. Why chance it? I would not out the ads on. I would continue to build my site then submit to google. Once the approve you you can email them ad ask them if it violates the TOS, even though it may take them time to get back to you, at least you can have your site up and running while you wait.

Once your banned from google thats it!! Yes, there are other services you can use for PPC but I like google te best and I would make every effort not to give them a reason to ban me.

Like i said re read the terms of service for acceptable content.

Good luck!

Thanx for ur help!

Just read the terms and services as ColoradaGrl explained..

"The problem is that i got ads by a frind which has been banned now"
You meant he was blacklisted on search results..not for adsense..
right ?
I suggest you just do not use his ads...complete your site and do clean start.......

before you aply for google adsense please take of your friends ads from your website :)

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