will you all agree to the opinion that seos must exits,
i do not want them as they artificailly create fault results in the searches that are made
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That's not true. Your talking about people who manipulate the search intentionally to create false information to rank well. That's not SEO. That's spam and fraud. SEO is simply doing your best to make sure search engines can find and comprehend your webpages more effectively in the efforts of improving your search engine rankings. There's nothing bad about that as long as you don't resort to fraud and trickery.

Well, if you want to be online you need to embrace seo and follow the sound seo principle and also follow other marketing method rather than depending completely on seo search results, especially put some efforts for online branding too.

SEO is technique to improve your websites popularity from search engines. And people who are giving or helping you in that are called SEOs.

Always go for ethical part and you would not be in any problem with your website in SEs.

SEOs must exist..I do not see much difference from other marketing techniques...I am talking about ethical SEO..
"i do not want them as they artificailly create fault results in the searches " I do not want that either..


SEO is not everything, for getting online success you need to implement other marketing method too.

Correct...right strategist can make the things in right direction.

SEO will improve to next leve. It will never deceased. There will be some changes, strategies and planning & styles.

seo is important but not allthings. i think backlink is more important

Backlinks are part of SEO.

Backlink brought this thread back to SEO, lol.

Correct...right strategist can make the things in right direction.

I agree.

In addition, I think SEO goals are different depending upon whether the website being promoted is (i) made for AdSense, or (ii) made for a brick-and-mortar store directly selling real-world products and services.

In the case of a website whose purpose is to generate AdSense income, the webmasters of those sites seem to take a shotgun approach: just aim in the general vicinity of the target and hope to get some click-throughs. In fact, many AdSense sites don’t seem to do any targeting at all--they go after any and all traffic. Their reason for doing any SEO work at all is the recognition that search engines can send a lot of traffic to a site (although I have found that having a good ranking among the search engines doesn’t necessarily result in a lot of traffic). The bottom line is that SEO work done for an AdSense site is to generate as much traffic as possible.

On the other hand, SEO considerations done for the site of a brick-and-mortar store are done primarily to keep the store’s site near the top of search engines’ results pages, just like being one of the first entries in the yellow pages of a phone book. To a brick-and-mortar store, a lot of irrelevant traffic is simply wasted bandwidth that comes out of their budget; all they want to do is ensure that when customers look for the product they are offering, their website comes up near the top of the search results listing.

Consider an example on a topic that might be of interest to the game developers in these forums: motion capture. There are about five companies who manufacture and sell motion capture equipment: Vicon-Peak, Motion Analysis, Simi, Polhemus, and Northern Digital. Consider the smallish company Simi: I am guessing about ten employees, each system costs about $50,000, yearly goal is to sell 24 systems. Simi doesn’t care about getting 100,000 visitors a day on its website; such traffic would just be a waste of bandwidth. Their webmaster’s intent when doing SEO work is simply to ensure that anyone doing a search on the term “motion capture” sees the Simi website on the first page, ideally, in the top five results.

So . . . an AdSense webmaster and a brick-and-mortar store webmaster are doing the same SEO work, but for different motives. (It is too bad there wasn’t some way to differentiate SEO according to these goals.)

SEOs must exist. There will always be people who need that service. It may be the novice, the overwork exec or just someone who want the help of a professional.

SEOs have made many valuable contributions to internet search, including enhancing fair trade practices. With their help anyone, rich or poor, can get on the front page of the top search engines.

What's important to remember is that Google does not consider the SEO industry evil. In fact, they even have official documents published on google.com about how to interview and choose a good SEO. It's certain practices of unethical SEOs that is frowned upon.

Without SEO, our webpage with unique keyword will be shown in google SERP,

Without SEO, you wouldn't be optimizing for any keywords.

will you all agree to the opinion that seos must exits,
i do not want them as they artificailly create fault results in the searches that are made

You don't have any idea of what you are talking about.... You are just saying about those who manipulates what you called spammers....

Here's definition of SEO for your information:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine listings. The term also refers to an industry of consultants that carry out optimization projects on behalf of client sites. The process of improving web pages so that it ranks higher in search engine for targeted keywords with the ultimate goal of generating more revenue from the web site. There are many SEO techniques. In general, these techniques can be categorized as On-Page Optimization, On-Site Optimization, and Off-Site Optimization. Designing a website so that it ranks highly in the search engines when someone searches for specific phrases related to the site.

Yup, as I said in post #14, SEO itself isn't unethical. It's the practices that certain SEOs do that is unethical. But that is the same with ANY industry. There are good accountants and there are unethical accountants. Good accountants can save you lots of money. Unethical accountants can steal lots of money. Similarly, there are unethical lawyers and there are even more so unethical lawyers. :)

will you all agree to the opinion that seos must exits,
i do not want them as they artificailly create fault results in the searches that are made

I agree with you rather google should display a random result every time a keyword is searched so that every one gets equal oppurtunity. :)

They have that. It's called "I'm Feeling Lucky".

They have that. It's called "I'm Feeling Lucky".

No "I am feeling lucky" takes you to the first result for a keyword, say I have a website for the keyword interview question, assume there are 10000 websites which are competing for it, so google should just pick up 1000 out of them and display in random order giving equal chance to every body :)

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