Hi guys
I thought my traffic was dropping a bit and looked at my site map and found 404 errors for every page I have.

All the usual pages were there but there were extra pages that didn't exist added into the sitemap. For example

404 error page

This does not exist on my website and what is the :80 in there?

Why is it looking for something that isn't there? There are at least 2000 of these urls..What can I do?

I'm confused what you mean by finding these pages in your sitemap? Is another site out there linking to these nonexistent pages? Adding :80 to the end of a domain name indicates to connect to the web server on port 80, which is the standard port that serves websites. It's implied by default when you connect to a website and don't specify a port (as we normally don't do).

wow that is a great question.. I will see if another site is linking to those pages...
Because they really don't exist.

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