How do I know? Have you validated any pages that rank well in Google? Do you know how few pages actually validate correctly? Valid HTML does not indicate meaning of content or quality of content. That's basic SEO. You really need to stop preaching and start learning.

YOU are telling me to stop preaching as you are preaching that folks should not bother with clean code or a dedicated IP when you can’t possibly know whether it will help or not, what I was pointing out is if we don’t know that it helps and you can afford the time and money to do both you should. I was sharing some well known statistics on IP addresses to help someone decide whether or not to spend the extra buck to 3 bucks it would take to get a dedicated IP...
Shooting me down again for trying to help, real smart bucko. It only takes 5 minutes and no one knows really how it will change ranking so why not?

I already bring in a couple million a year off my sites and I am in the top 3 for some of the hardest words in the marketing industry, I think I have proven myself enough to come here and share what I have learned to help people, and I would appreciate the chance to do so without your insults every time I make a statement, especially because I am working on facts and not myths.
I don't know if you are having trouble with the fact that someone other than yourself might have some good input, or if you are just that thick headed that you can’t face the fact that you might learn something here but I have tried to be patient with you. Anyone who has painstakingly read though these posts here can see how many times I had to tell you the same thing just to help you understand.
As for your last post regarding valid code, here is what I said:
"fix it and see if that helps your rankings. If you want me to fix it, send me a PM. ***Personally I don’t think it matters***, I did not even declare a doc type or a KW tag until this year, but that is a matter of preference so I thought you should know. "
ONCE AGAIN, you throw insults without even reading.
I am always learning, researching and taking what I can from every valid source I find. During this little spiff you seem to be having with me simply because you did not understand what I was saying, I have only tried to help you all while taking insults based on myths.
Way to go champ.

I like how you have tried to turn this conversation into me vs you and yet you never were able to even defend your one point where I pointed out that you encouraged unethical methods when setting up a directory. You danced around and it and changed the subject numerous times but you still haven't admitted that you do it. Don't think I haven't noticed.

I have also provided very useful information as to how you have misconceptions and myths about SEO. Most of them can be easily disproved by reading Matt Cutt's blog. I suggest you do that. You clearly don't understand how search engines rank pages or even how PR works and then you claim to know so much about SEO. I'm sorry but if you don't understand PR you are just a newbie. Sounds harsh but that's the truth. I highly suggest learning more about it. Understanding it offers a lot of insight into how the search engines, especially Google, rank pages (remember, they rank web pages, not websites).

And you may be successful in the websites you have, we'd need to see proof before we can believe that, but it doesn't mean you know SEO. Most websites that rank well never did any SEO or even heard about it. And you don't have to know SEO to rank well. That's why I find SEO so funny. People spend so much time debating SEO and in reality you can rank well just by building a good website. It's kinda funny actually.

The fact that you take it so personally is usually a sign of knowing when you've been out-debated. It's ok. I see it a lot.

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