I've been checking my back links at http://www.iwebtool.com/backlink_checker, I understand the importance of back-linking in site rating, but how can I get the more back links. I tried link swapping, but that can be too dangerous… any ideas?

Also, call me an SEO newbie, but how do I get link popularity?? Or is that the same a back-link??


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Submit your site to non-reciprocal directories and websites, exchange links with other sites with high page rank :)

tried link swapping, but that can be too dangerous…

have no sense !!!


Link Popularity is a measure of how "popular" a web page is on the internet as measured by the number of inbound links pointing to your web page. Link popularity is one of the main factors used to help determine search engine rankings. A high Link popularity signifies high Page Rank though it is NOT a rule.

You can secure links from three ways:
Reciprocal links
one way links
Three way links


You can trade links, you can get non-reciprocal links and you can buy links. The first two don't cost you anything but your time. The quick and easy way is to buy them. This is generally done on a monthly basis, although apparently there are some operations that will sell you permenant links. In buying links, unless you have money to burn you need to take a look at your goals for the site keeping ROI in mind. I f you want to do your own submitting for non-reciprocal links try info.vilesilencer.com.

Doing link building techniques such as bookmarking, directory submission, article submission, forum and other ethical ways to spread your site link is helpful to increase your link popularity and ranking.

I follow 3 methods to improve ranking or backlinks to my website such as Blog
posting, Forum posting, Article submission. I have got good result by following these steps.

Use Social Bookmarking, forum posting, create your own blogs in order to get high quality back links.

You want to high quality back link submitted article ,directory and bookmarking .

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