It looks like at last there is a Google PR update ... the first in I don't know how many months. DaniWeb went from a 5 to a 6 ... a decent change. I was still hoping for a PR7 though, but oh well :( I'll take what I can get ;)

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Congrats on your 6. My forums went to a 5 so i'm pleased.

A 6, or so they say. That is what someone told me. I am still seeing a 5. I blame it on a lazy datacenter.

Congrats Dani and David!!!

It was great to see one of my sites ( become PR2 without me getting any links (except from a signature at SitePoint) in less than 20 days of it starting (and 5 days of downtime while moving hosts!).

However has remained stuck at PR4 :P

BTW here's a comment that one of my good friends clasione made -

I don't have any way to back this up, but there are scattered reports of pagerank migrating through pages in an unusuall matter. In fact - it seems to me that pagerank is being calculated with some new and interesting methods. One of which seem to be content. Could Google now rank webpages and pagerank based on content and whether it is fresh or old?

Somehow or another it seems that could be what's happening.

Many site owners are reporting a higher page rank on inner pages of their websites and it seems to be that on most of my sites - the content is the winner of pagerank - even if it a sub folder or two away from the main page - it's getting a higher pr then the leading pages.... Very strange and new concept - ofcource this will have to be looked at much further - but I can't see any other explanation for this right now.....



Darn it's a slow update. Most people are still seeing updates on only 4 or 5 data centers. Been like that for three or four days now. On a happy note the complete restructuring of my main site has lead to most of the internal pages now being PR 5. On an unhappy note my company website is now PR 4 :( I could never understand how it got to be PR5 in the first place :D

I finally saw PR6 on the homepage. But then we had two hours of outage as a result of moving to a new server. After the move, I noticed PR5 again. The first thing that came to mind was that google stopped by while we were down and decided to revoke my PR6. Luckily I'm seeing it once again.

Although the last PR update was a long wait, I was kind of hoping GG wouldnt update until mid Jan so my new directory will show PR - oh well.

You, too? I released the DaniWeb Directory within days after the PR update. The result - the directory index (which contains no links) has a PR 5 and all link pages have PR 0. Should I have made it in before the update, all link pages would be PR4-5.

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