There's been another G backlink update. Still weirdness with the sites showing. Some people are showing PR changes but I've seen nothing on my sites.

Something has definitely changed at Googleville.

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Pretty quick catch mnemtsas. Yup, I'm seeing the same thing...more backlinks, no change in PR....what's going on? Is PR as a visual indicator obsolete?

I'm seeing the new backlinks too :) Still a lowly PR5 though :(

Who can say what is really going on. Perhaps one day we'll find out, until then it gives the people on the SEO boards something to talk about.

LOL :) That it does

Heh, PR is not so big an issue as visitor numbers and adsense clickthrus. :)

Anyway, as a thanks for setting up the mod_rewrite tutorial for vB3 I'll send some links your way. Anchot-text rich rather than high PR though, but should still have use. :)

Thanks so much :) That's very appreciated :)

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