I too am having problems getting peeps to come to my graphics site and attached forum (29 members) but at least some are active...
the site is only weeks old however, but Im having so much trouble getting peeps to see it.. I have read through this forum.. it seems a lot of you have put your site address in your post.. heres mine click here for my site

now .. just a thought.. there seems to be quite a few of us posting here.. and with all these web addresses too.. I read in one post that putting a link in your sig and posting on others forums was a great idea.. so why dont we go on each others to get us going a bit... I am more than happy to post with passion on who evers site who does the same to mine.. if you leave your addy on this thread.. I WILL join you.. and post like mad.. wont this help us all out a bit?

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I have joined your forum and posted.. thanx for the swap :mrgreen:

I just joined your forum. ;) Please check my signature below.

Hiya.. youve prob already noticed but ive now joined your forum and posted.. great site you have :cheesy:

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