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I don't like your session ID suppression thing because there is nothing that google hates more than when they don't see what everyone else sees - i.e. you could get banned from google if google sees that a googlebot gets different URLs, text, etc. than a normal site visitor.

Also, I would just see if you could figure out a way to integrate mod_rewrite into your script to eliminate query strings? in URLs.


wow.. I had really hoped for more feed back by now..

Um, perhaps you are unaware, but not printing session IDs for bots is a totally rational thing to do, Google knows this. What you are reffering to is called cloaking, where bot detection triggers altered content. I assure you, not printing a session ID in an href is not penalized as intentionally cloaked sites are.

Also, a month or two after your response, Dew-NewPHPLinks SEF was released. Somewhat inspired by your response and the search engine friendly url feature from OSCommerce.

With thr SEF version, urls end with "directory/Cool.html" for the "Whats Cool" page and
"directory/7.html" for a sub/category page

I would rather have names than numbers, hopefully next release.

No one else has tried this script? I am saddened :( Well if you don't have the latest version bundled in your nearby Fantastico c-panel widget, drop on by dew-code.com

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