Hi people,

2 days ago i Wrote an article about How to Watch high quality videos on youtube and İ stumbled it, after i stumbled it i saw that 45 other peoples liked it and did thumb it up so i got 14K visitors in a day...
If you want quality and organic traffic Just join social networks like stumbleupon, digg and etc ....

You can find more information about how i got 14K visitors in my 2 days old blog in

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Thanks for sharing. I am going to try this out. Btw, has any1 got reviews on this site.


I am really interested.

Fivq , i just joined Piqq.us and made some stumble exchange... after i wrote about how to watch quality videos on youtube and i put it for others to stumble and it got more than 40 TUMB UP and review in a day and i got 30K in total till 3 days :)

If anyone want a Piqqus invation Just send me a PM

How do you guys do i stumbled new site and only got around 3K visitors the first day . 14k is a huge traffic.

There is a stumbleupon exchange program.. i stumbled it my self and out under this program for others to stumble it too and i got 50 ''I like it'' in a day this is why i got that traffic..

this Stumble exchange program is piqqus.com
if you want an invitation just send me a PM

I'm not understanding how stumbling a site can bring traffic to your site... can you explain?

piqqus.com is a stumble exchange Website.. i stumble others Websites and gain points .. you can use this point for others to stumble your website...

1:1 exchange...

you can join piqqus.com only with invation... if you need one just PM me

Our members exchange social votes on Digg, StumbleUpon and Propeller.

You digg some stories and earn Points.
Spend those Points to have your own stories dugg.
It is required that you have basic understanding of "social media marketing" before joining our service.

nice move but is that ok with uncle google ??

Why it should not be ok with google ??

Visitors are natural and real visitors... they are Social bookmarking services users...

Thanks for the tips. At the rate I'm going I'll be lucky to get 14k visitors this century.

I agree... There is huge potential of getting traffic from Social Networking websites. And the best thing about this is that you dont have to waste lot of time, effort and money to get traffic.. U can invest your time and energy to create something meaningfull.

To get that much traffic on an ongoing basis, you'd probably need to be #1 and hold many other high spots on the searches!

One thng to consider is that stumple traffic does not convert very well. Then again, with 14/30 k then... :)

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