While I am close to being sold out selling banner inventory to my US visitors, my non-US traffic remains unmonetized. All of the big advertisers simply insist on geotargeting US and on the rare occasion, the UK. I can't even get anyone to look at my Canadian or Australian traffic, nevermind Eastern Europe or India, which is a huge chunk of our visitors. Are there any agencies out there who can help fill this niche? Any other ideas?

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I'm facing the same challenge with traffic from India, mostly from business centers during working hours. It looks like quality traffic. Canadian and United Kingdom traffic is growing. Did you ever find a solution to this?



We can buy your traffic on CPD model if interested.

I have the same issue. Most of my non-US traffic is from the UK. Any recommendations for UK?? I may start another thread specifically for UK.

May i know what does CPD stand for ?

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