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I am not sure if this is the correct section to discuss or you discuss this type of subject but..

I have a client that have will need 2000 images and data entry, for an oscommerce style site product catalog - may no prices at this time, I was wondering what is the going rate for this type of work, I was thinking a charge per item, rather than an hourly rate, sometimes this can be fiddly and can take a while, what do you recommend?


I wish I could help you but I really don't know. However, it would probably be more beneficial for both you and the developer do either come up with a fixed price in advance or by the hour. Once the system is developed, it shouldn't be very time consuming at all to migrate in all the items, especially if they're already in some type of database.

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I was thinking that the rate of work for that was 30/40 per hour freelance and I can do 6 per hour would that be reasonsible. Is that rate fair per hour? I have seen some asking 10 per hour for programming which seems low to me, but I guess it depends on what it is - this may invlove some resizing image manipulation as part of the service,, The reason iI want it per product is in ths case people wont worry about time, swings and roundabouts. I thinking there web is now on .cfm ( cold fusion) and will being going .php so not sure if the db will be compatable.

Thanks for the help.


ColdFusion and PHP are server-side programming languages which need to interact with a database ... the database could either be MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc. Although I'm not familiar with the details, a database specialist should be able to import an Oracle db into MySQL or such.

How much to pay a developer is dependant upon how much experience they have, how sought after they are, how good they are, and so many other factors. It could range from $10/hour for an undergraduate computer science student to $200/hour and up for a professional with 20 years work experience.

If you compare to IFreelancer or RentACoder, then I guess maybe $500 would be the max you could take for it, maybe more.