What exactly is 'CPanel Control Panel'? Does it help me setup a PhpBB forum? If not, what does the hosting package need to come with so I can easily install a PhpBB forum? Also, does anyone know how to make it so when you go to Www.MyWebsite.Com it goes right to the forum?

-Thank you! :o

www.com is a domain name, those you need to pay for. Also if you want a free hyper link. I can set it up for you, or you can your self. Go to www.tk, and set up a free .tk domain they are very simple but some people may not see it that way. Cpanel is also like your way to edit names etc on the bord. Say you fell the need to ban a member, or change colors etc. All the pretty cool shit users cant do! (= need mroe help please feel free to post.

Ohh.. No, I've bought a domain already. I've heard a lot of talk about 'CPanel Control Panel'. I was just wondering if that helps me make a forum. My real question was.. How do I make it so when I go to my domain, it goes to my forum, instead of Www.MyDomain.Com/Forum. Get it now? Sorry about that. :(

It depends who your web hosting provider is. Many webhosts offer cPanel which lets you perform webserver maintenance such as creating databases, e-mail accounts, that sort of thing. Sometimes cPanel is set up to allow easy default installations of popular free php scripts, such as phpBB.

You can create an index.php page in your root directory which does a server-side redirect to your /forum/ directory. I'm not sure of the exact code, but I'm sure someone else here can provide it. (If not, ask in our Apache web hosting forum for a definite answer.)

Thank you, a lot! I will try that! (In a little bit. Got to get some funding. hehe)

Its very likely that your host will provide you with the tools to install phpBB. This is free to use and to be fair is quite good. i use it on my site and have little problems. Granted I have practically rewritten the whole thing but my traffic level requires a lot more extras to what the standard package includes. take a look at the phpBB website (just stick .com on that) and read up about it first.

Look for scripta or fantastico in your cpanel options it will definately have phpbb's latest stable release for install. Just select the directory where you want to install it and give the admin password and username and rest will be dont by the fantastico or the script installation setup it self.

Most hosts to provide that, but before you just goto any host and ask for a cpanel, you should read the specs that comes with the package. Some places wont even have cpanel. Theyll have either nothing or some otehr doo-dads such as Ensim.

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