I'm throwing a $100 contest for refering members. January, 1st, 2005 is when the contest ends. Whoever did the best, will then get $100 via pay-pal. Do you guys think that's to hefty? Or, perfect?

(They got to be sencable members too, no 0-1 post members)

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Just make sure you have some type of automated script written to determine who referred the most number of new members that have more than 5 or so posts ;) That is going to be the tricky part.

Also, I would take a look at your current statistics for new member referrals. If, on average, very, very few members refer anyone at all, you may find yourself paying out $100 to a member who referred 2 people!

As a couple of people said in the Admin Zone - You are paying $100 for maybe a handfull or new members/users.

Exactly. While it might introduce some hype at first, in the long run, you probably aren't going to get yourself a huge amount of new members. I would try to come up with a contest that stirs hype AND gets long term traffic.

were running the same contest but for less cash.

Did it work - Can you give us your stats before and after the compertition????

Our Community is still fairly young but we have gained three member so far using this method.

I'm not running it anymore, my friend gave me other ways to advertise for that money.

Its very hard to run competitions that "buy" users as there is always someone out ther elooking to exploit it. Also it very rarely leads to good members joining, only money hungry ones who once the thing is over will not even think about returning again. All I can suggest is having content worth returning for first, then worry about member sign up rates.

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