I have been noticing lately a lot of new members will register on the site, and then PM me with their questions instead of even attempting to post on the forums.

Has anyone here had any experience with prohibiting the use of private messaging until a member has reached some minimum post count, such as 10 posts?

I think doing this might encourage more new members to post on the forums instead of always relying on PMs as a way to get questions answered faster. And as well all know, answering questions via PMs does not contribute to the community.

I have seen other established communities implement this and be successful with it. On the other hand, I think that it is definitely not something for all sites.

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I've been seeing the same to an extent.
Or people sending a PM in response to a forum post instead of posting a response in the forum.

I'd say go for it, maybe even make it a higher number :)

I actually had to take my contact info on a site because it was to the point that noone posted and wouold rather just talk on msn or aim. i think that it is a good idea and you should go for it.

what i would say is that some of the new comers but not all(sory if i will be offending somebody) they just think that the daniweb is just like an answer book to all their asiignment and homeworks. what they dont realise is that they have to show their own effort first even if it is wrong then members out here will just point out their mistakes and give plausible ideas of remedy and suggestions

m e too lets go for it
many new ones i think have misunderstood the real goal of the daniweb which i think is here to help yes but hose who show some effort and to share ideas views and reviews

some subcride by thinking that they just have to post their questions here and they will get the worked solution
i am sory to say that it is not so

I say go for it.

Okay ... it's in effect. There is now a 10 post minimum before you can use Private Messaging features. This isn't a ridiculously large number that means that PMing is only allowed to the privileged few dedicated members. But it just requires that you make a few posts and have contributed a small amount before you can PM. 10 posts is easily achievable within a day. :)

Makes perfect sense to me. Besides, if someone is brand new they don't even know anyone to message. lol

ya, lol. Like people signing up just to PM me for a gmail. lol. Theres like a zillion memebers here if you average all posts you get like 10. Users should be active, not just posting hijack logs and leaving for good. But w.e. lol.

Makes perfect sense to me. Besides, if someone is brand new they don't even know anyone to message. lol

Well that is the problem. People register, and think that they could get their questions answered faster by PMing me or any of the moderators. So us poor staff have our hands full as it is with the forums, and now we have to deal with all of these people who message us without ever contributing to the site.

I respect you opinion and i stand by it 100%.

Aww thanks. Love your signature! LOL

lol, your welcome. Ill tell you i make a handful of mistakes. This place is straightening me out.

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