Hi, one of my friend needs to start an online radio but is not sure how to

First of all he needs a free broadcast host, like www.listen2myradio.com, but i think this one is not the best option, can you suggest smthng??

Secondly, he is not sure if theres any copyright problems. I mean there are loads of inline radios, do they all pay for copyrights and stuff??

Thirdly i would like to know myself if theres a way that someonel can just forward songs from a site to his radio

Plz reply

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Broadcasting without permission can always warrant a legal battle.

It just depends how big he gets or who he pisses off.

In regard to the technical aspect, setting up a podcast/shoutcast server would be the best/most affordable way to go.

but then y do we have so many radios....i dont think they all pay money??

A good podcast attracts a lot of listeners. and its almost free!

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