E-Commerce is a process of performing your online business through your website usually to sell your product eg. Computer products or to provide services eg. SEO, Hosting. Usually the payment is received through Credit Card termed as Merchant Account that allow you accept payment automatically to you account. You don’t need to involve here. This is the smarter way to extent you business and get International Reorganization.
A business providing merchant account establishment and transaction processing payment related services. It may also provide e-commerce software and handle such things as digital delivery, Payment verification.

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Electronic Commerce or e-commerce as it is popularly known as means buying and selling of goods and services across the Internet. An e commerce site can be as simple as a catalog page with a phone no, or it can range all the way to a real time credit and processing site where customer can purchase downloadable goods and receive them on the spot.
E-business is the creation of new, and the redesigning of existing value chains and business processes through the application of information technology. Naturally, e-Business is more than e-commerce. It expands the scope of e-commerce to transform the company and the industry itself.For more details please follow the linkhttp://info.easystorehosting.com/page/Electronic+Commerce-An+Introduction

E commerce Transaction is to provide online store with rest of your ERP data and business rule .If you can run a web store without maintaining independent E-commerce and ERP applications, without periodic synchronization or additional complex integration. The web store components utilize cascading style sheets to ensure a consistent look-and-feel within the store and your external web site.

This segment of the class will cover transactions in the broad sense of the term, generally referring to all interactions between the website owner and the website users.

One of the first elements addressed in e-commerce transactions is how to guarantee that a valid contract has been entered between the parties. Assessing the validity of contracts is complicated in the Internet environment because the contracts are paperless. Digital signatures are therefore essential in helping to promote e-commerce because they ensure that all parties have entered in a binding contractual agreement.

To track ecommerce transactions on your website, you will need to do two things:

* Enable ecommerce for your reports
* Configure your shopping cart to send the ecommerce data to Google Analytics

Transaction is the part of ecommerce, where all transactions were carried over using an electronic platform. It works on a system which is built on an electronic platform.

mainly payment gateways are paypal, google checkout, authorize.net, wordpay etc

E-commerce is the purpose of Internet and the web to Conduct business but when we concentrate on commercial deals among organizations and individuals demanding selective information systems under the guarantee of the firm it accepts the form of e-business. Nowadays, the word ‘e’ is hitting momentum. If you’re looking to get into this business, one of the fore most thing you have to have is a Virtual Private Cloud Hosting keeping the traffic in mind and respecting customers valuable time.

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