Get Indexed on Yahoo & MSN Easier Than Google?


I read some posts from this forum that webmasters get indexed on Yahoo and MSN easily, and hardly on Google.

I do not know why my sites do not get indexed on Yahoo and MSN as easy as on Google.

I learned from this forum that submit articles and free directories to get indexed on Google.

My webpage design is ok.

Yahoo and MSN do not love me at all. I think this is unfair to me.

Any advice is appreciated.

No advice is stupid.

Thanks for reading.

Google is harder to get indexed and ranked in that Yahoo and MSN for black hat SEOers. For white hats who use strong link building it is easy to get indexed and ranked high in google.

Google has the reputation for being the search engine that relies on backlinks more than any other engine. In my personal experience that is pretty accurate.

Does anyone know if Yahoo and MSN use another system to rank websites and how do websites optimize for these two search engines?

for me, Google is easier than Yahoo and msn.


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