Hey i ended up buying vBulletin and installed it along with badvanced's cmps...

Previously I worked with phpbb and new how to mess with the layout's and styles. You simply had to edit the pages of phpbb in dreamweaver using HTML for links and images etc..

Now that i have vB it looks like I do all the coding and editing of the styles in the admin control panel.. So I went in to edit the styles and templates and it all looks like GREEK to me...

If someone can sit down with me for like an hour tonight on AIM or YAHOO so that I can learn how it all works (im a quick learner).. That would be greatly appreciated.

I know you can do some amazing things with vB and i look forward to it, im just to the point right now that i'm overwhelm'd... Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

Thanks in advanced!

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I'm to the point where i dont even know how to edit the header..

all i see are dollar signs with words attached..


A vBulletin style is composed of a number of characteristcs: templates, style variables, and CSS. Templates are the actual HTML snippets that are used for various parts of the forum. Style variables are some simple variables that define: the width of your forum, the size of the borders separating table cells, the location of the image directory to use, and that sort of thing. Then we have the CSS ... which defines the colors, the fonts, etc.

When you first log into the vBulletin Admin Control Panel, you'll notice a "Styles & Templates" category in the left sidebar. Clcik on the Style Manager. You should see a Default Style. In the drop down to the right of that, click to add a child style - this is the style we're going to work with. This child style will inherit everything from the Default Style unless otherwise changed. Once your child style is created, use the drop down to select it's Main CSS. Here, you can customize the color scheme and such. Play around, experiment, and see what does what. When you've finished doing that, use the drop down and select StyleVars. Where it says Title Image, replace it with your own logo ... and when you're done with that, you have a custom style complete with your title and color scheme :)

That's great, I asked people questions over at vbulletin.org and they answered a lot...

You yourself have added more to my vB knowledge with the child style..

I'm sure i'll have some questions! thank you

I do have one question for you...

I uploaded and installed cmps...

Where do i create the news? I dont even know how to ask my question..

On the cmps page I put the optiono of news to show.. but where do i go to write news and post things?

You are best off asking for help for hacks and mods at vBulletin.org

and for offical vBulletin support at vBulletin.com :)

I'm supporting daniweb... and all the expertise we have here...

that's what its here for...

I forgot to mention - you're going to want to go into the vBulletin options and select the child style you created to be your forum's default style. :) As far as vB Advanced CMPS, I have never used it before - and I agree with Zachery - you're better off getting help either at www.vbulletin.org or at www.vbadvanced.com where you have an entire community of people who use it and the developers.

okay okay okay...

thanks for your help! you guys are great

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