Hello im totaly new here as you can se on my post count =)

Got a couple of questions about pricing and payment methods.

Im designing or trying to design vbulletin templates and web site designs.
Ive relesed several free styles over at www.vbulletintemplates.com .
But now i wanna do more try to make earning some money by doing this.

Im curius about custom work pay = how much would a custom work cost ? 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 dollars or what ? Is that to much to little ?

And payment question to =)
Im guessing i have to use paypal to start out with since i dont want to pay for a merchant account and not sell anything hehehe.
The question is is there a way for me to add a direct download to paypal ? Like you pay the design and then it sends out an email with a download link for the product you bought ?

Thanks for any help on this.

vBulletin designs run from anywhere between $100 and $800, depending upon the quality, the experience level, etc. It really varies greatly - just like any web design.

Unfortunately there isn't a way that I know of to add a direct download to PayPal. What you can do is set up PayPal to automatically redirect processed payments to a "Thank You" page on your server. That thank you page could be a dynamic page that you could play around with - perhaps a login form to download, etc.

Ok how about with 2checkout ?

There must be some os commerse stores where i can use e2checkout and use downloads instead of shipping ???

For a newbie designer, start your prices low. Offer a templates for $50 and custom work for $25 an hour. Just build up your reputation.

I'm using a script on a client site of mine. I'll have to find you the name, but its something like "PayPalDownloadNotify" or something. Its a paid script.

New designers often find it hard to get work because people want to see somestuff you've done and if you havent done any - they probably wont hire. I would suggest two things.

1. Get a website of your own if you dont already have one.
2. Do somebody's site for free and do a damn good job.

They will refer you to others. For a while all your work will be "word-of-mouth" so always do 110% on sites even if they arent paying you much. After you do a site or two for free you will get work. I agree with the above post that 25/h is a good rate for starters


In the average, that is a good pricing, but at the same time, you can use osCommerce. Appoint me if I am wrong, but it does have a download addon does it not. This download will allow for a set amount of day and a maximum number of times somebody can download. After the purchase has been made, I have never used it but a friend of mines has ....... it will simply email the link to the person email with a pre-made username and password and then they can go and download the theme like that.

I usually charge to install and setup something like this, but I am in a good mood. If you want to ---- PM me and I'll reply back with my AIM or MSN Screenname and I can help walk you through installing osCommerce for you to sell vBulletin templates on or I can install osCommerce for you and give you some help for editing osCommerce templates as I am somewhat of an intermediate-expert knowledged person on osCommerce.

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Yep young is right, cause I buy trax from a store that uses OS commerce and I get a download page for 48 hours I think it is? AND it can pay through paypal.

Yeah, I havent worked on my site for a few days now.

well i actualy went with cube cart with a download addon used with paypal =). Works exelent.


The only problem with cube cart i could find was its using fixed width for MANY of their tables wich makes it a biach to redesign since the design is hardcoded in to the files =( It made me have to move all the right menú stuff to the left side...

I only have 3 styles so far but im on it =) have several free styles users can download tho hehehe.

Yeah well, I am going to stick to osCommerce, although I have quit the shop until this summer.

I thought Zencart was much better :) For new designers, Ebay is a great place to get new clients :D

If you sell your stuff online, you may be very familiar with eBay and Froogle are familiar with. Well eBay is like an intermediary between the buying and selling. But Froogle shopping sites indexed. Well why I tried to eBay and Froogle comparison even though they are completely different, because of sales that we get with the help of these two sites.

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