Many social media monitoring tools measure and find influencers. So if you had experience with such service, what do you think? Do you think it has helped your business finding and outreaching these influencer bloggers? What do you think?

Influencers, to me, are people who may need to be convinced of the product or service they are influencing on. On the innocent side, a sample of the product/service to be tested prior to chatting it up. On the gray-hat side, they may want to get paid. If the tools you are using help you find more of the former rather than the latter, go for it.

I have known many bloggers who are regarded as influencers, but at the same time, I really wonder on the metrix these software use to regard these bloggers as influencers. I know one tech blogger who blogs for sincerity sake and another blogger who actually likes and brags about the tech toys he have received. So both can be regarded as influencers but at the same time, one do wonder which one can actually genuinely move the needle.

I guess the influencer is in the eye of the beholder. To me, an influencer has to be sincere and objective. I wrote for a tech publication in 2001-2002 and I worked closely with the people who tested and reviewed products. As the magazine was free and was supported by its ads, the draw was not so much the reporting (which tended to be very cheerleaderish but the editors also seemed to get crushed on certain tech VIPS, especially one who's first name rhymed with Barley!). The draw was the honest reviews of the people I worked with. Even now, one of them is an award winning and well-respected tech industry expert who writes for numerous websites.

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