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Here is the site I need someone to tell me if it SEOed correctly. <URL snipped> One of the most important things I need done with her site is SEO. I really need someone to see if this site is working to it's full potential in terms of being directed at the niche market she is in. What specific keywords I should be using and so on. I am thinking about having a page solely for listing Hotel rooms in Bogota. I realize that Hotels are her competition but the cost for most hotels there are so expensive she can compete with easily. I was thinking that a page listing most of the major hotels in Bogota along with their prices would a smart way of going after some of her long tail keywords. At the end of the page we could present her apartment as an affordable alternative.

In terms of the pictures that are across the front page of the apartment. I am having some javax scripting put in so that they move. However, I am thinking maybe I should not have this done as it may interfere with the SEO.

The site is being worked on right now so any changes would be easy to implement at this time.

I am not sure if I should have posted this somewhere else and apologize if I have done this incorrectly.

Thanks in advance everyone,


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Sorry mate, couldn't see your url anywhere.


Well you can yourself find your search engine ranking on google.... keep a check of these things:

- Traffic on your web
- Backlinks to your web
- Marketing and advertising plan
- Retain customers
- Submissions to Directories
- Submission to social bookmark websites (use Bookmark Submitter Pro)

You will see gradual increase in your search engine ranking

Sorry url was snipped. Make sure to submit your site to free directories and utilize free ad sites to help boost some traffic!

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