It looks like phpbb with a few vB features + some other things.

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It looks like phpbb with a few vB features + some other things.

I'd say that's pretty close to it...which I find fantastic for open source :)

I also like the fact that it integrates with the phpbb style ACP that I'm used to.

Well, honestly, the subforums is nothing but an additional added on mod, its not a custom thing that Integramod wrote, so really, it has security holes just like every other full modded board. If you would like to, and search for the term Categories Hierarchy. phpBB 2.2 will have their very own custom written subcategory mod, meaning that it will be integrated into the forums well and be under phpBB's rights to fix any security holes. Its great though, lol.

Just my two rupees...

I have browsed the web and found quite a few forums out there. What I find is that no matter what forum you are running on, if you take the time and effort to customize the themes, the look and feel of your site to make it look unique and not just like or, then people will take an interest in your site.

A forum owner must put in the time and effort to make it unique. It hardly matters what the back-end forum software is, in the long run.

Myself, I tend to shy away from IPB powered forums as I personally have had bad experiences with the President of IP, and I don't care to support their product in any way shape or form. But it all really boils down to the community aspect of the community; to this day I still see communities going strong on those old Message Boards that were:

- Reply
- - Re: Reply


1, I am great friends of Charles and Matt of Invision Power Services, IPB.
2, please dont talk about who you like and dislike. Your a moderator, im sure you know this as to be similar to plamming.
3, You all are correct onthe other hand, those softwares are powerful and effective when it comes to any CMS or Portals and greater for the/any web based-community.
4, Dani? I personally think any forum software for a community is good. Dosent matter what it is. Wheather if its your own custom or another persons or companies software.
Im not talking junk or anything to you rixius, it just bothered me when i saw your responce to this thread about how you and Charles or and Matt dont get along well, im just letting you know that they are the dearest friends of mine. No im not gonna tell, cause it dont mattter, thats between you and htem, and it shold stay that way.

Well there was a note saying there may be a phpBB 2.2 BETA-1 release in January/February 2005. Could this be it, IDK, we'll have to wait and see, but with what I have seen, phpBB is stepping up a level in the community. As an added addition, there keeping it free, with features like User Control Panel, and attachments and things, simply such mods as vBulletin and all, this is sure to get them the reputation they need.

I yea, I totally agree with you on that YTech. phpBB is anotehr GREAT Forum Softwre and has came along way. 1 thing for sure as mention time and time, its way cool because everything that IPB and vB has, phpBB has and the part thats kool about it is that its all free. To be honest, there are tons mor skins/templates then IPB and VB has. More hacks, scripts and tons of addons.

Do you think that the forum software that's used makes a difference for a community? Suppose, for example, forum software all has the same options available. And we're talking about the same community of people.

I think its the features of a forum, as well as the community that keep people comming back, and attract new people.

The community is essential to a successful forum.

You say that if they all have the same features -> in this case I wouldn't care at all, as long as the board offered something that I was interested in, either asking or answering.

Occasionally I chance upon a site, and I simply don't like the board, and its usually the lack of features that sends me back to the google to search, so that I can select the next result in the list.

Boards that use VB and phpBB are great, I think I prefer the VB boards.

I use a different board on my site called newbb ( a xoops port of phpbb) its nice and easy to work with, but it isn't a shade on VB.

SE (dave)

Lets not overlook another fine example of forum solutions with the PhpBB-Plus

I think forum software has a great deal to do with its being usable for the end user. Some forum software is simply slow, ugly, and not inviting.


Good question Dani,

For people (guests visiting a forum) that are looking for a long term community, or possibly serious answers, I feel that seeing vBulletin does make a difference.

Why? Simply put, vBulletin isn't free, and those that end up buying a license, or even leasing one are at least show one thing... That they are willing to invest $$ in their community and are less likely to just give up or throw it away.

I know there are other factors and probably no real surveys to back this up, but those that are serious about making something that is going to go the distance are going to spend the money for the best products and have probably also made the long term plans.

Most of the communities that I am active in, or at least have registered for are vBulletin. This doesn't mean that phpBB, SMF or the others are bad. Heck, I have run them myself, though never on a community I am looking at for the long haul.

Just my 2 cents. Not dogging any other software but I do feel vBulletin is the best there is to be had...


So you will join an invision board 2.x rather then a 1.x

Just as a few other posts on this thread has been stated, the more you invest in or on any community including yours which should be the priority of mind, then you will gain more from your guests and members. No expectations, they expectate from you, the Builder. Like Donald Trumpt.

Do you think he expects the people to build their own Homes, Buildings and so on? Wrong, they expect him for his tallents to help build things bigger and better for them, thus, this is why he has billions that he is sitting on. Dont take this the wrong way, but that was just an example. if you didnt get that, then read it again.

So in english, this means, that if you want your guests and or members to continuously visit your site, page or forums, then you have to do whats best for them then yourself. If we are talking community here.
If you are talking self(yourself), then you do what you want to your own expectations.

Just remember when others visit your site, they expect a load of cool things to see there and that catches thier eye, making them wanting to go back for more..Im not talking porn either, although some people find that usefull, but lets get real here.No wait....lets just be real here with FACTS ladies and gentalworts.

what ever ur if can stand the time it's great.........
somethings we will consider as great just like windows....
but after some time world will ask u wat's dat .if dy havn'y made a mark.
so the difference is between the ability to stand high or not
the only answer is time will proove it
the real judge is time ...................

You know what isent really all that bad either for vBulletin Prices? $85 will get you a license for 1 year. Then its another $85 per year. So that to me is the cheapest and best options I have yet to seen anywhere else. Now tell me, who can compete with that as far as commercial goes?

Or it's $160 for a one time payment.

Personally, I believe it's not the software, but the amount of effort from part of the administrators to make that certain forum look and feel different from the bunch. Whenever I visit a forum community using the default theme and logo of the software they are using, for example, I get disappointed. Even though there are more important aspects in forum management, such as content, security, usability, etc. Presentation may also make a difference. Not having time is not an excuse, because managing a forum requires time on its own.

Maybe using a certain forum software won't make your forums more popular, but it can make a difference on how effective they are in doing what they have to do. Using a forum software that's can easily get hacked does make a difference. It is your job to make the right choice.

Now, unless the user knows anything about forum software, I don't think it will matter to them whether you are using PHPBB or VBulletin, for example.

Thank you for your help. I'm looking for something like that

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