I run a web host along with a forum which is powered by vBulletin...
What iss the best way to bring people to the forum and start them posting and making new threads.

Many thanks

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G'day Paul,

Best way is to advertise it... Get people that you host maybe to place an add or something on their website and then that can help you.

Also put it into google, yahoo and major search engines to get it going.

Maybe get it into google adds.....


Make new threads that can grab attention of people easily and share them in social bookmarking/networking sites.

The best way is to advertise your forum also you can apply SEO techniques to your forum and also do register on oyher similar forums and let other know about it

The best way to get more traffic is just keep patience and spread your brand name throughout with every single thing you can do ....!!!! wear it, gift it to others, write it wherever you think people will be able to notice it ... anything ... jsut let others know YOU are there .. and beleive me they will come to you!

hi.......... the best way to increase traffic is forum posting and social book marking. u can visit different sites and drop ur links there and u will get some traffic in return..........

keep posting relevant content in your forum and that will promote traffic from the search engines

This is a problem all new forums have. How do you throw a great online party when everyone is the first one there? No matter how you get traffic (forum postings, blog postings, directory submissions, paid advertising, social networking, article directory submissions, etc...) you need to keep building content on your site while participating with anyone who shows up.

Also make sure you have a good stats program so you know where your traffic is coming from. This will let you know which promotion efforts are worth your time.

start up a lot of interesting threads and work on seo for the site.

I'm surprised nobody has suggested social networking. The social bookmarking response is the closest I've seen. I would suggest you join Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and get to know people on those forums. As you become a part of their community, you can begin to drive traffic to yours.

The thing to remember about social networking is that you have to give as well as take, so that means participating, sharing links and tips and responding to people's questions and so forth. You can use a community like DaniWeb too to help you grow your own community.

Promotion takes work, but if you work hard, and build a community of people, they will know you and therefore want to see what you're doing on your forum.

Good luck with it.

Ron Miller
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Give the users plenty control to design their templates, code their profiles, etc.. there's nothing worse than being completely limited when trying to express urself. Also, it might be a good idea to reward high posters and commenters somehow... to promote more posting, it might take a while for it to get rolling so you'll have to do what you gotta do at first. Good luck!

start up a lot of interesting threads and work on seo for the site.

What do think about posting too many threads though? Do you think that if you are posting and no one is responding, it might send a message that you as the owner are trying to get things going, but it's not working? (Just thinking about the worse case scenario here.)

I think it would be a good idea to ask a few of your friends to join and respond to your discussions or get new ones going -- sometimes all it takes it a few replies to get a thread going.

I do think if you start too many, that you will look like that. But if you get several other friends or top responders start some threads it will diversify things a bit.

Get on social media sites, like Twitter. Build up your social contacts, preferably within your forum's niche. Then let them all know what you are writing about, topics they can discuss on the forums, etc. Anything to perk their interest. If some of my contacts on Twitter did the same, I would be happy to join in and start some discussions.

The fastest way to announce your site and get some fast sign ups I think is, To use google adwords to just get the name out there instantly,Then start your link building.

I think what you can do right now, besides what has already been mentioned here, is really foster the conversations that are already active. Do all that you can to show that you are committed to your forum and that the discussions are engaging and courteous. I think that's a big motivator for people to contribute. If you keep your threads clean and focused, then people won't be as shy opening up.

If you want traffic to your forum, then firstly people should really know about your forum. For tht participate in some other forums related to your topic, and let the members know about your forum. Advertise your forum on other sites & forums. in the sense... banner advertising. Join social networking and bookmarking sites and add friends.. let em know about your site as well.

Also google adsense is a good way to get traffic to your site. That's it... i can suggest friend.

I do think if you start too many, that you will look like that. But if you get several other friends or top responders start some threads it will diversify things a bit.

Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to have at least 3 or 4 reliable members that you know will probably respond to all of your new threads. If they're people you know, great, if their people who naturally want to be active, even better.

The thing is that when a new thread sits for too long, I think it's easy for people not to respond it. At least compared to a thread that has immediate responses, even if they are only few.

It's a hard thing, I've been working on a blog for about two years, and just now am I starting to get substantial blog views, and most of it is from Google searches. Not social networks, I don't even bother with those, the people I'm targeting will find my, or your, website, the others that you manage to pull in wont be as good visitors that actually search for what you're talking about, so they can contribute, and attract more people.

I think it is an important example to hear about a blog owner who worked for two years before starting to get some serious traffic from Google.

We can do lots fo things to attract traffic to our sites, but a few high rankings in Google can be life changing. Try to increase the reputation of your site so more people will link to it, but also spend a lot of time creating new content. Even if nobody is visiting the site to read the content, Google will visit your sites and index the content. Each new post/thread you start is a potential link on Google that could climb the rankings and bring future traffic.

In my book, there really is no 'best' way. You just have to keep implementing the ideas you've given and be patient.

Post your forum on alphainventions.com and fiddlewiddle.com.
I posted my blog up there yesterday and in the past 12 hours I've gotten about 6,400 views!

I have just checked those sites and they are amazing. I mean they really works. I just submitted to them and i got 10 visitors in just a min.

nice contents.. high value + reliable

Join many forums and blogs related to your website and try to build good reputation by participating in the discussion effectively, soon you might discover some improvements and get traffic from it.


Promote your site through all means which includes Onpage optimization, Offpage optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Socila Media marketing, Link building.

Google -- > search internet marketing forum
Sign in, then post some topic and do advertising your site.
Keep patient.

I actually suggest the following:
1. Constantly put ads on whatever free online bullentine boards you can - as long as you are not violating the communitie's guidelines.
ex. I have posted weekly ads on Craigslist for a Yahoo Career Related Group to recruit members.
2. Recruit potential members via blogs and sign off with info on your group. It depends if your posting gets approved.
3. Plug plug plug at offline events!

Join many forums and blogs related to your website and try to build good reputation by participating in the discussion effectively, soon you might discover some improvements and get traffic from it.


Join the forums and raise the questions and reply for others question also surely u can see more no of backlinks to ur website

I started Ausscene last month, at the end i June i had 18k visitors and in this month i have had for this month sofar 29k for this month and its not over. I was worried when i had no seach results but they finally got on google after 20days.

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