I have designed a few tamplate and now I want to sell them.How can I do that?


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You can sell your templates on the forums:
1. Digitalpoint
2. Netbuilders

There are 40+ places to sell your templates, but they cut off a fee for that. Do a search.

I am wondering what will inspire someone to even sell their template in the first place?

Try forum marketplaces (use google to find that)
There is flippa, there is themeforest.net I think..

If you already know how to design a template then you already know how to sell them or maybe you are looking for easy ways to do it.

I would advise you to join as a partner with companies like themeforest, but you'll have to make sure your template is very unique and professional, if not set up a landing page of your own start an affiliate program, comment on blogs and you can also use forums.

Personally, my suggestions, would be ... to first learn how to compose a question effectively and to ... then ... sell your templates.

Try on Ebay. Or maybe set up your own website with paypal functionality.

join forums that has buy/sell section and offer your site there.

- Press release for ur templates, if ur PR is picked up by Google news then you are done!
- Use forums to sell: Digitalpoint, Flippa, Netbuilders
- Sell on ebay and scribd.

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