I've had a forum for a little while: <url snipped - plese read forum rules> ... Basically what I'm having trouble with is getting the word around to people. In my opinion, I think this forum has a lot of potential, but I'm not able to really know how much potential it has because of my lack of skill at this. Anyone have some suggestions for me? I would really appreciate it.

I would also benefit form a link exchange, assuming that you vistors would be interested in building thier own website.

Anyway email me : sheepcentral@gmail.com

Please keep all requests for link exchanges in our link exchange forum. You can find it here, within our Webmaster Marketplace: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/forum158.html

Thanks for understanding that we try really hard to keep these Internet Marketing forums a spam-free informative place by refraining from site-specific talk.

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