I have developed a forum online for people to talk about movies. I have gone to another forum and tried to promote it and I get bashed by the other members for doing so. Cany anyone offer me advice on how to gain members for my community?
Thank you.

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First bit of advice is don't do what you've just done. The reason for this horrible method is that:

  1. It highlights you as a spammer/nuisance to the site;
  2. It demonstrates that you have no interest in their site;
  3. It looks as if you are trying to poach their members for your site.

If you are a member of another forum that permits links in signatures then put your link in your signature. Stay at the forum, get to know the people, and contribute - they'll then see that you are not only interested in your site and members, in my experience, are quite happy to share their time with your forum.

Put your forum in a few link directories (such as DMOZ) too.


Tell your friends, put a link in your sig and find other forums of your intrest and hope it perks people into joining.


you can also buy some advertising - Google Adwords is a pretty good method for this.

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