Has anyone had any luck with pay per click? If so which one should I go with?


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google adsense program
very good, check it out

Dani has mentioned to me that AdWords has really spurred growth on Daniweb. Personally, I have not had quite as much luck with my own sites -- but if you have a budget, its worth a shot!

There's always the "if"... sigh.

Pay per click is in my opinion a good way to generate traffic for a wide variety of websites and online communities. From my experience the main reason why people do not have success when using PPC is because they do not invest the time in keyword research and in designing targeted ads for each of their keywords that is necessary to have a successful campaign. Below are a few tips that should make PPC successful for just about any site:

1. Take the time to do a thorough keyword analysis for your site.

The first step in creating a successful PPC campaign is obviously to choose the keywords that you wish to advertise for. All too often people who are new to PPC choose the most obvious keywords to advertise for that get the most traffic. This is a weak strategy that is doomed to failure not only because advertising for broad keywords brings you broad traffic, but also because the obvious words are often the ones with the most competition and therefore will cost you the most per click. The key to this step is not to look for broad words, but to think about words that are unique to your site. Advertising for these search terms will not only bring you more targeted traffic but will normally cost you much less per click than the broader terms because there will be less competition.

2. Write targeted ads for each of your keywords

The second mistake that I see people make which are new to PPC is they will use only a handful of different ads for 100's of keywords that they are advertising for. One of the greatest things about PPC is that it gives you the ability to make your ads as targeted as possible, and the more targeted the ad the more likely it is that people will click on your ad. One of the most basic examples of writing targeted PPC ads is including the keyword you are advertising for in the title and text of the ad.

3. Track your campaign and make sure that it evolves

Another great thing about PPC advertising, and the greatest advantage that online advertising has over any other type of advertising, is that you can precisely track what is happening with your ad. Successful PPC advertisers monitor the results of their ads very closely and are constantly tweaking things based on those results so that they get the highest click through rates and conversions off of their ads possible.

Best of Luck.

David Waring

I think Google Ads help greatly. But since you pay, I am not using it because I don't have money. But it works. I found this page thanks to google ads, for example. ^^
Most of the pages I have joined or games I play, I found them in google ads. ;)

I never see the google ads as my AV software blocks them so they don't work for me.

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