Hi all,

I am looking for a good fraud protection/chargeback protection company for my shopping cart that doesn't charge an arm & a leg.

Any suggestions?



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Regardless of what solution you find nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats scanning your orders yourself. Since every store has different customers the flags that software tools may put on orders don't always related to your actual situtation, or at least not entirely. It's great to see people implementing the right tools but don't under value your own intelect; so much of fraud is common logic (fast shipping, mismatched addresses, etc..,) that it never hurts to look in addition to what any tools tell you. Of course with lots of orders that can be hard to do but for anything that jumos out, take the time.

If orders are over X amount simply call the number listed to verify the order. Do GeoIP lookups to see where they're ordering from. If the address is listed in USA and they ordered in Russia that should give you a big red flag.

Always check over the orders and do some manual work before providing service/goods because the fraud tools are far from perfect.

Thanks guys. I am calling all customers now b4 I sent out my e-book. I paid a fortune for Verisign's Fraud Protection & Buyer Auth. Program.

Avi, have you noticed a decrease in fraud sales? How are you determining if it's working or not?

Verisign's sales dept. sucks the big one & got me soooo upset last month I was ready to walk, but I need to hold my temper after forking over $300, but it's expensive. I just paid almost $60 this month.


Michelle :)

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