I have a travel site and for which I am doing link building .i mailed for reciprocal link exchange and many response come but some of the have sanded me multiple site which have c class IP so please clear me is there any benefit to take link on multiple c class IP site

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I think the Google discounts reciprocal links and has been doing that for quite some time now, but if you are doing that and are getting links from multiple c class ip's it should be ok as long as the content in relevant to your niche.

I agree - you have to make sure that the links are from reputable sites with decent Google Page Rank and attract visitors that you want to visit to your own site.

Of course links from multiple Class C IP's count more, but links from different domains/same class C's also count for something.

I agree that you want to find quality links to exchange with. Not just someone who will put your link in a big link farm and give you no benefit whatsoever.

You need to avoid link farms like the plaque. It adds no real value since visitors usually wont lookup at a link farm for resources (unless it is on a reputable site and the links are context related to the site).

Switched connection to connect better than buying

Only be sure that the sites are relevant even I don't like reciprocal links.

if I were you all that offer will be blessing for me,but it need to be noted that taking reciprocal link exchange is no longer works this day

Link exchange from same c class IP is utterly waste. Do create links from high Quality and relevant sites.

for sure it better to have links on totally different ips!

It is really helpful to get your backlinks from different IP addresses. It would be helpful for increasing your link popularity and thus helps your SEO efforts. :)


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