Within the past week, I noticed I couldn't access some of the sites I usually visit. I eventually found out this was because I had an IP address in a much different location than where I am currently located (at least 1000 miles away...). Consequently, I tried to figure out what the problem is. I'd connect the computer to the modem, restart it, then it'd give me an IP address near my current location. The moment I go back to wireless on my router, however, my IP address changes drastically. I've tried to manually insert the IP address into my router, but since I have a dynamic IP, this only solves the problem for less than a day. A few things:

- I don't think this is a computer issue. I've tried this with other computers, same result.
- I don't think this is a router issue. I've tested other routers, same result.

This leads me to believe it's an ISP problem (which they can't figure out) or a bad modem. Can anyone help?

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That sounds like an interesting issue. Unless you have a static IP address which you purchased from your ISP, you shouldn't be able to access the internet without configuring your subnet mask and deafult gateway.

When you plug directly into the modem you're still getting an IP address from your ISP's DHCP server. To view the IP address you currently have open command prompt and type:


When you go wireless, you have what's called a private IP address ( for example). Your wireless router will use NAT (Network Address Resolution Protocol) to translate this private IP into a public IP address as issues by the DHCP sever so your information can travel through the cloud.

I can't see any issue that may come just from an IP address. Perhaps you were blocked from visiting those sites, you may have some internet/firewall setting that is blocking you, or there may be a configuration issue with your wireless router. Try resetting the router or checking the current configuration by typing your routers ip address (, or or

I've learned that this really doesn't matter the modem, router, or computer. No matter what I get, I'm 1,000 miles away and cannot access some of my sites (not a firewall issue, not a virus issue, etc.)

What can I do? I want an IP address in my own city. Is that too much to ask for?

I am curious to find out how you concluded that your IP address is affecting your site access!!! Unless you are permanently connected your IP address will always change as it more an id than an area location and is issued by your ISP server hence dynamic IP. Check your software. Some anti virus programs automatically block certain sites, some browsers block pop-ups (and certain sites need pop-ups to function)

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