I am trying to get some product images from a datafeed to my new store.
I am trying to find a better/faster way to copy these images links into my server.
I am having to copy about 6000 plus products and am looking for a way to batch copy.
I am given a FTP password but it will not work for the particular directory where these images are stored. The FTP acct will only give access to the XML text datafeed.
So I need to convert image links on someone elses server into images saved on my hard drive.
Can anyone help me?


Are you allowed to reproduce the images? If so, the simplest way is to ask them to zip them up for you so you can download them. You cant just "link" images onto your hard disk.... they must be downloaded.

Matti Ressler

I am obviously allowed to have the images so I can offer their products on my site.
I am just trying to not have to do it one by one 6k times.
They won't provide a zipped file because they the thousands of resellers and they update their datafeed daily.

They have thousands of resellers

I am sure that their intention is that you pull the product images directly from their website to your own (simply use their links).

Matti Ressler