you can use joomla / wordpress / creloaded / oscommerce / drupal.

All ecommerce solution you can set with above product. you can easily find free skin for above technology. all seo friendly products + secure admin panel & you can setup paypal gateway as well.

Just need good webhosting.

let me know if any ? for me.

I don't know about web design. So i chose Wordpress e-shop template. It's easy to upload product images with description :)

you can use wordpress / magento / creloaded / oscommerce... all shopping solution is perfect and easy to manage your inventory.

If you are going to start ecommerce site then first of all you should have plan how to do SEO of an ecommerce website. As ecommerce websites are hard to do SEO as you have less options to use text, most of the part is for graphic, flash, images etc.

Are you want to developed ffrom your own?If you have full of knowledge then ok otherwise hire professional company to developed your shopping cart to sell photographs and camera.

Simply install oscommmerce & add your products than start with SEO to get traffic towards ur site.

Most brillient ideas are shared above. Follow this & First you select best hosting provider. Be available on internet.

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