Once upon a time, AOL was the king of online experience. Now, it might just be a tiny leftover kingdom. So I was not surprised when I read that membership is going down.
I used to use AOL and I still do. I thank God I dont pay 8 cents a minute anymore to use their search engine.
So do you use AOL? Why not or yes?

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My mother still uses AOL... and, believe it or not, she still pays $10 a month for their "services!!" I explained to her numerous times that since AOL accounts are now free, she is throwing $120 a year down the toilet but she "is comfortable and likes how everything (AIM and email) is accessible through the AOL software."


I was like your mom for some time and I then I realized that I was paying for a service that is just not necessary. I dont connect via dialup anymore. AOL does know this fact - the fact there is a small yet loyal base of older generation users who like AOLs easy to use interface, which is why you may see many of the banner ads on AOL cater to this target segment. I still use AOL - why? Though I have many other email accounts - My AOL email addresses are unique and I still have many people email me to those accounts.


I used AOL briefly when I first started going online regularly. Thankfully, I had an extremely tech-savvy brother-in-law and I bailed on AOL quickly. My 12 year old daughter and her friends use AIM but as they are all using gmail for school they are starting to migrate to the google chat engine through gmail. Based on what everyone is saying about the older generation using (and paying for AOL) in the US it would appear that AOL is becoming the "Florida retirement village early bird special" version of social media!


The last time I heard "you've got mail"? That's easy. My daughter recorded it and uses it as the ringtone for when she gets text messages. I asked her about it and she said the some of her friends like that she uses it because it is 'vintage'! As I remember when AOL started, I am feeling old right now!

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