Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/youngblo/public_html/includes/config.php on line 2

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/youngblo/public_html/includes/config.php on line 2
wen i come to step it said like this

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Can you please show us your config.php file :)
Be sure to block out the username and password you use to connect to the database.

I agree CSCGAL, but it looks like he has an extra "\" in there on line 2 (there actually is one on line 2), but yes, you get bad errors like that even from an extra LF. The code would be better.

Look to see before the 2 boxes if you have more than "\" and not a "\\" in any line. You can open it in numerous progys. Actually it will work if you right click and open it in even notepad it will find it if you hit <Control>F and type the \. You should have one at the top before your VB version info where the ################ line is and one at the end of that box. Then one at the top and end of the next box and one at the top and end of the last box.

From the error message it is at the top of the first box, but again it can be a reporting error.

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