let's say you gave me your website address to visit. and i click on your ads once in a while, would it be a violation of your Terms and Consitions with Google?
PM me if you want me to visit your site.

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Yes, it is very much a violation of the AdSense rules.

In fact, I believe I was sunk by just such a well-wisher. I don't have any proof, because Google refuses to disclose any details about the nature of the "invalid clicks".

What I think happened: I was at a coffee shop, moderating a poetry forum I used to run. Someone watching over my shoulder asked about the site. I told them I ran it, gave them the URL. Later that day, I noticed that an unusually high number of ads were clicked on that site.

I thought nothing of it. Google supposedly filters out repeated clicks (or so I thought). I expected an automatic correction. However, the very next day I got the infamous "invalid clicks" email, and was permanently disqualified from any future participation in the Adsense program.

However, the ads continued to run!! I wasn't earning any income from them, but Google certainly was. That strikes me as shady, SO, I removed all ads from the site, and permanently disqualified Google from publishing any ads on any of my sites. :)

BIG time violation, theyd kick you out to boot. I wouldnt ask anyone to click my adds, but I would ask for a site review :).

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