I run a couple of low-volume, niche-specific sites. I run ads on them, from that big search engine company. I was recently told that my account was terminated for "invalid clicks", with no further details. I can only speculate that someone overenthusiastically clicked many, many ads. Searching the web a bit on the topic seems to indicate that's exactly what has happened to many, many others.

Suffice it to say, this irritates me mightily. Even though my account is evidently permanently "disapproved", the ads still show. Of course, they certainly have the right to ban anyone, for whatever reason they like. So be it.

I'd like to find an alternative. Is there an alternative? What I liked is that the ads were relatively low-key, and were (usually) on topic.


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Tom, I know this frustration. I see these kind of things happening nearly everyday and there is nothing you can do about it.

Someone got so frustrated with G that he made this cartoon -


Heh. It's my favourite one, so just couldn't resist posting it here.

Back to topic, Here are some alternatives to AdSense that you can use :

This isn't that I recommend any of them one over another (I got no experience with them), so do your won research about them before signing up with them.

All the best!

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