I own a blog and I'm looking for different ideas to promote my blog/website.

Please help me and check out my site, tell me what should I do next.

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Good, unique content, updated fresh, that other people are naturally going to want to link to.

I think original, attractive and fresh contents would be the essential issues for any successful blogs. Also, you would need to promote your blogs online via channels like social media, niche relative forums, press releasing and others.

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By creating quality content and building quality links to your site .

you should give your content the quality and uniquness that visitors are looking for and you have to optimized it for your visitor not for the search engines..

I agree with the above, and I also might suggest you checkout this SEO tool.

you can get the help of social media, the media turn your traffic high soon.

Do blogroll, use social bookmarking like Digg, Del.iceo.us, technorati etc.

Link Building

Posting a link on a website with PR5+ is worth 100 times more than posting onto a website with no PR.

My suggestion is using google toolbar to analyse each pages PR

Start with

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Start Link exchanging
Blog Guest myblogguest.com
Blog commenting
Social Bookmarking Digg, Delicious
Market your page on Social Media Profiles

Keep track of each link, and you will see results

If you are looking for someone to market your blog then I would be happy to do it for you. I currently own 4 blogs and I am sucessfully marketing 7 Blogs for my clients. If you would like additional information please let me know.

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