I recently designed a website and was asked to optimize it! what is site optimization? How can i go about it? HELP

I recently designed a website and was asked to optimize it! what is site optimization? How can i go about it? HELP

Hi WEPrimo, Welcome to DaniWeb. I believe you are referring to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ultimately you want to make sure your site is easy to read and navigate for both human visitors and search engine robots. There are many more SEO techniques being discussed over in the SEO section at DaniWeb - Feel free to check them out and post related questions...

Although it sounds confusing, social media optimization is basically generating traffic to your sites through social media websites. The advantages of using these are that you draw more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website may lead to more affiliate sales for you.

Onpage optimization - do keyword search - try to find good and popular keywords, incorporation of those keywords in url, body, meta, alt, content and off-page optimization like try to get links from popular and relevant website to your website. do link building for your website.

I think you are better off focusing on the on-site optimization.

Forget entirely on social medial spamming.

Make unique, credible, important content and learn how to optimize your web page components.

Create a web presentation primarlily for the potential Interent visitor otherwise you'll have to try to enforce your content (make it appear to be important) externally using whatever link building scheme is popular.

Craft great content! That's what SEO is about, not easy but gives you the best opportunity for sustainable top rankings.

Remember that "fly-by-night" techniques give you fly-by-night traffic and not necessarily qualified traffic, which refers to the visitor that performs a search, finds your web page and click through, and the unqualified traffic may impress your hit counter but is not the type of traffic that will influence your ROI positively (I'm refering especially to the social media power spammers and link building schemers).

I recently designed a website and was asked to optimize it! what is site optimization? How can i go about it? HELP

Hi friend, optimization is a process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines by various methods. In simple put your business in top of search engine result pages. I will suggest you a tool which is only available in TolMol.com ,its best because it also shows who are your competitors in markets.

Are the techniques that you need to implent in your website and out that can help you to achieve better search engine rankings. In knol.google.com/k/seo-basics you can find a basic explanation about SEO.

Hi WEPrimo, I see you've been given some great advice already so I will try not to repeat. But I felt I should emphasize that SEO is not a quick fix / one-off thing.

It's a long-term thing and you need to keep at it for months before you start to see any ROI. Updating the content on your site and keeping it up-to-date and relevant to your target audience is the basically what you need to do.

what kind of optimization? White Hat Or Black Hat?

what kind of optimization? White Hat Or Black Hat?

No no, whatever it is you're talking about I'm suggesting you have a look at those Out of the Blue Hats. Bunch of crazy university smart ass kids that come up with this ridiculous, absolutely purposeless link building strategy, that works like a friekin' PR pumpin' machine and it can cause for significant improvements in the rankings, for about a week then the repetitiveness of the off-site delivery mechanism triggers the spider. Red flags start shooting up and the search engine snaps open its devaluation scissors. CHOP Chop chop chop.

what kind of optimization? White Hat Or Black Hat?

Black Hat or Spamdexing: unethical techniques that are used to get higher search rankings. Black hat SEO techniques usually break search engine rules and regulations and generally create poor user experience.
On the other hand White Hat SEO uses acceptable standards of search engines, in SEO. Though the initial results might be slow, it generates long lasting and stable results.

thizzle- of course white hat techniques should be used in optimizing your site.black hat will get your site to be penalized by Google and deindexed. I agree that SEO is not a quick fix and there is no such thing as a permanent place in Google because your competitors are continuing their effort too. You may be up in the rankings fast because of PPC and SEO but this would be a bit costly than SEO alone.

I see you've been given some good sources to educate yourself with. I won't repeat it. Going forward, keep in mind, it's much easier to build a site with the SEO in mind from the get go , rather than as an afterthought.

social media is best place for getting traffic and 2 big place is forums

what kind of optimization? White Hat Or Black Hat?

I think he is not concerned about the technique. just asking what optimization is?

research and analyze the keywords and phrases that will bring in the most traffic through search engines (with least competition).

Insert these keywords in page title, url, hi, and throughout the beginning and end of the content in a totally natural writing style.

Big tip - most keywords in big industries are impossible to get first page search results so focus on optimizing for local.

It takes a lot of experience to get results... if it's a big company then consider outsourcing the SEO

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